Utilizing roofs effective and secure



Solar Cell Installers will be collectively secured in accordance with regulations when working on roof, regardless of the circumstances around the house. They will reduce time spent on transportation and installation, and can expect to save an average of 17 working hours each solar cell installation. This can reduce the total installation time from 2-3 days to 1 day. In most cases 40 installations/year are expected. This will give savings above 200,000NOK/year, and the system costs will be earned back the first year.

Roof workers in general will have savings accordingly to Solar Cell Installers. Get in contact and we can investigate your business chase.


Our total market are Roof Workers Globally


First focus on solar cells installers in Skandinavia

First focus on Solar Cell Installers in Scandinavia, a growing market with increasing focus on roof safety. One factor in choosing this market first is that they have a relatively fast panel installation, in relation to safety-related work. Thus, they benefit the most.


Energy outlook expect solar soon to be the top source of electricity

Below is a graph representing the trend in Norway.


2019 - 2029


According to “Solenergiklyngen”, annual installed power is expected to be 16 times larger within 10 years. The number of installations will increase accordingly.

For Scandinavia, this means that 7,000 installations on sloping roofs, this year, will grow to over 100,000 in 2029. The market value is over NOK 1 billion and we are planning to take 25% of this market. To do that, we must sell or rent 8,800 products by 2030.