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Safedesign AS was established 2018 and is developing next generation roof safety systems. Because of todays time consuming and insufficient equipment, the roof workers are often poorly safeguarded and the industry suffer from high safety costs and high accident rates. We have developed a safe and easy solution to prevent personell falling from the rooftops.


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Roofbarrier is designed and tested in accordance with NS-EN 13374 Category A, B and C. This make the safety systems applicable for all roof edges (long-side & short-side).
— Torbjørn Sortland - CEO
Now, there are not any excuses to avoid setting up a complete collectively security system for personell working on roof
— Peter Sommerseth Jaer - CSO



Roofbarrier will reduce the high number of fall accidents in the construction industry and will make the roof work more profitable.


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About Me

MY NAME IS Torbjørn

Founder and main owner in Safedesign. I have 7 years experience in developing mechanical physical products.

Safedesign are a team of 4 hands on people educated as Master of Science at NTNU