Utilizing roofs effective and secure


There is a gap in security systems and we are developing Roofbarrier, the next generation security system that increase safety & reduce cost. This will make solar cell installations on residential homes more affordable. And it will also be beneficial for other types of roof work.


We want to assure that affordable solar energy are installed safely

Torbjørn Sortland  |  Founder



As the solar cell panels are getting cheaper, the installation costs are getting more significant. Which is a challenge in itself to make the green and renewable solar energy more affordable and competitive related to other energy sources. 

Scaffolding is the most common solution to secure people when working on roofs, but it is often more costly than the actual work. It is a hassle to transport, it is a lot of heavy lifting & you waste time on unnecessary installation of scaffolding. The result: Unsafe work in rope, it is not according to regulations and it is very dangerous & time consuming. In 2017 it was reported more than 4000 falling accidents in the building industry in Norway. (ref:


Our product Roofbarrier, are installed directly on the roof, it will increase safety and reduce cost. This product address the most problematic securing: that is sloped roof with bricks. Future additional products changes will make roofbarrier fit to any roof types. One Module secure 5 meters of the roof. Consisting of 2 nets that are rolled up, and 2 foldable poles, make it easy to carry on. Compared to scaffolding, the installation time is reduced by 85%. Roofbarrier use in addition 90% less space, which makes logistics simple. In order to secure a roof collectively, one must have several trailers with scaffolding. Similarly, Roofbarrier can be transported in a van.



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